College Students with Computers Might Need Renters Insurance

Article excerpt

Students who pack their cars full of computers and stereo equipment on their way back to campus might want to consider packing something else - a renters insurance policy.

"You need renters insurance if you have something you cannot afford to lose - that's the rule," said Randy McConnell, a spokesman for the Missouri Division of Insurance.

On the other hand, if you've got only some college books and a blanket, a policy is probably not worth your while. Because of the administrative costs figured into the issuance of any policy , you could end up with a fairly expensive premium covering very little, he said.

But those students toting thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment or other electronics to dorms and apartments probably fall into the first category, he said, especially if the items are in their names.

"A lot of student apartments don't have the greatest security in the world," he said.

The cost of coverage is not prohibitive.

A survey by the Missouri Division of Insurance on rates for renters policies found an average cost of $104 a year for two sample ZIP codes in St. …


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