Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Hubby's Home Work Seems to Bother His Spouse

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Hubby's Home Work Seems to Bother His Spouse

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(Abigail van Buren is on vacation. The following column is a past favorite.)

Dear Abby: I recently built an "office" for myself in our home, which I find very convenient because I can now spend more time at home than at my downtown office.

My wife's apparent annoyance with this new arrangement has become obvious, and that is my problem.

It is very depressing to be asked the first thing in the morning, "What is your schedule today?" (What she means is, "Are you going to stay home all day and get in my way?")

Due to the emotional tension of my work, I often jog in the morning and nap in the afternoon, and this displeases my spouse no end. I figure that this will keep me in good physical condition and possibly increase the number of years I will be around, which I suspect may be another source of annoyance to her.

I thought of a solution: suggesting that she go back to work, teaching school. Or have you a better idea? We have been married for 19 years and have three lovely children. SENSITIVE

Quit guessing, and ask your wife some pertinent questions: "Why are you unhappy with my home-office setup? Why do you object to my jogging in the a.m. and snoozing in the p.m.? Would you like for me to just drop dead and get out of your way entirely?"

Don't fight fire with fire by trying to get HER out of the house. You two need a healthy truth session.


Dear Abby: My sister and I are very close, especially now that we are the only remaining members of our family.

My husband and I enjoy entertaining, and we always include my sister and her husband on these occasions.

I love to prepare exotic meals. My sister's husband loves to eat, and I enjoy seeing him put the food away. My sister is a plain cook, rarely entertains, and when she does have us over for a meal, she always serves something unimaginative like pot roast. …

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