Larry Rice Calls Judi Moriarty a Victim of Political Hypocrisy

Article excerpt

The Rev. Larry Rice, a St. Louis evangelist who is supporting Missouri Secretary of State Judith K. Moriarty, said Thursday that the House ought to clean up its own house before attempting to impeach her.

Rice said at a news conference that some members of the House, including Speaker Bob Griffin, had committed acts that raised questions about their ability to hold office.

"No one is condoning any crime that may have taken place," Rice said. "But there is a double standard being followed here. It's two-faced and it's been hypocritical from day one."

Speaking in the Capitol rotunda, the minister quoted a scripture passage in which Jesus said to first remove the beam from your own eye before attempting to remove the mote from another's eye.

Rice operates the New Life Evangelistic Center for homeless men. He has a television ministry that recently raised $1,500 in a telethon to defend Moriarty, a Democrat. He said Thursday that Moriarty was entitled to an appeal of her conviction before being forced from office.

Moriarty faces the potential loss of her office for her conviction on Saturday of filing a false certificate of candidacy for her son, Timothy, who had been a candidate for the state House. Gov. Mel Carnahan has asked the state House to meet in special session for the purposes of impeaching the secretary of state. …


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