White House Blasts Gop Campaign Republicans Prepare `Contract with America'

Article excerpt

The White House warned Monday that the House GOP's campaign platform was "warmed over Reaganism" that would loot Social Security and Medicare to shower tax cuts on the rich.

The White House attack came a day before more than 300 Republican House candidates, a mix of incumbents and challengers, gather on the Capitol steps to sign a "Contract with America." The document pledges swift action on a 10-point agenda if voters give Republicans a House majority for the first time since 1954.

The contract promises votes early next year on congressional term limits, welfare reform, new anti-crime measures and an array of spending and economic initiatives, from a balanced budget amendment to tax cuts for capital gains and some families.

But White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta said Monday, "This is a fraud, and I think the American people need to know that."

Robert Rubin, a senior economic adviser to President Bill Clinton, said, "This is horrendous economic policy." He called the GOP policy a recipe to revive the huge deficits, higher interest rates and sluggish economic growth of President George Bush's administration.

To back up the White House's push, the Democratic National Committee bought time for radio ads in 20 markets with competitive House contests. The ads say the Republicans are promising "more tax breaks for the rich, forcing devastating cuts in Medicare and Social Security. It's Republican politics as usual. …


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