Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

NFL Theme Park in La: Six Flags over Georgia (Frontiere)

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

NFL Theme Park in La: Six Flags over Georgia (Frontiere)

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The National Football League is considering building a stadium in the Los Angeles area and contributing to its financing by holding the Super Bowl there on a regular basis. The stadium would be built with the help of local government and private enterprise or both. A permanent NFL theme park could be part of the stadium complex. News item

Welcome to Frontiereland, the first stop on our tour of the NFL's Magic Kingdom. This partion of the park is sometimes called Six Flags Over Georgia and is a tribute to the woman who made it possible.

It is fitting that we begin our journey here because it was the Rams' decision to leave Los Angeles that instigated this construction in the first place. The National Football League was appalled by the idea that it would have no teams remaining in the nation's second-largest city and entertainment capital, so it leaped into action. The result is the opulent new stadium and amusement park you see before you.

The irony, of course, is that it was the Rams' inability to get anyone in the Los Angeles basin to build them a new stadium that prompted them leave in the first place. That is why it seems so fitting that at the center of this exhibit there is a larger-than-life statue of its namesake.

And, yes, those are real tears - they have been reproduced in perpetuity for this exhibit through the wonders of science - shed by Mrs. Frontiere herself when she woke up in her new hometown and realized that the timing of the Rams' move could have been a little better.

"Nobody told me how cold it gets in St. Louis," she said, "and I'm getting awfully tired of Italian food."

Now, if you will follow me this way, we will continue our tour in the Al Davis Funhouse.

Those gleeful shrieks you hear are the very ones uttered by the president and general partner of the Raiders when he learned of the plans for the construction of this complex.

"I've been fighting the NFL for close to 30 years," Davis said when he heard the news. "I stole their best players when I was running the rival AFL. I broke their rules when I left Oakland and relocated in Los Angeles. …

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