Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Do St. Francis Medals Protect Pets?

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Do St. Francis Medals Protect Pets?

Article excerpt

ST. LOUISANS have unearthly ways to solve our problems.

When we want to sell our houses, we bury a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard. I could fill a cathedral with all the people - Catholic and non-Catholic - who swear this works.

For roaming pets, we have another saintly solution: the St. Francis pet medal.

A pet medal won't tame the dog from hell. But some people believe it might provide protection for those who stray.

St. Louisans aren't the only ones who use the pet medal. Dr. Maria Evans, a Columbia pathologist, called Catholic Supply of St. Louis for help with a 30-pound problem. She felt pretty embarrassed. After all, Maria is a scientist.

But as Maria said, "What did I have to lose?"

Her wily, wire-haired pup named Willis. The mutt kept getting out of his dog run and into trouble.

Maria's other dog, J.R., used the run without a problem until his recent death. But J.R. was an old dog, who moved at a stately pace.

Willis is an energetic pup. "Every five or six days, he'd find a new way to break it," Maria said.

"It's a trolley system, with 50-feet of wire. Finally, I replaced all the hardware and put in 1,800-pound test-wire - the kind they use for airplanes. I thought that would do it. Then the $1.39 pulley broke.

"Willis found new ways to tangle himself. He dug a hole in the yard and got stuck under a tree root. He wrapped himself around the tree trunk. He got out and nearly drank the antifreeze." Maria began to worry Willis wouldn't live to grow into those big feet of his.

"I told a friend of mine - he's a priest - about Willis.

"He said, `You need help from St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.'

"I said, `I'm Lutheran.'

"He said a medal would remind me that I can always ask for help.`If nothing else,' he said, `it should remind you to check the dog run.'

"I'd already bought the 1,800-pound wire, the new hardware and the new pulley. …

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