Municipal League Seeks Incorporation of Entire County

Article excerpt

Members of the St. Louis County Municipal League want full incorporation of the county by a specific date plus strategic planning to foster it.

They have rejected recommendations from a Municipal League committee that asked for an independent boundary commission and "orderly phased incorporation" of the county rather than full incorporation.

The Municipal League has been trying to develop its recommendations for the Missouri Legislature since May when the state Supreme Court invalidated the former St. Louis County Boundary Commission.

The court had twice put the commission out of business on the grounds that the legislation creating it had pertained exclusively to St. Louis County. After the first court ruling, the state Legislature and the St. Louis County Council amended the laws and ordinances pertaining to the commission.

While the question of the constitutionality of future legislation needs to be addressed, several municipal officials said they are more concerned that the future commission is reasonable and objective.

Previous commissions were widely considered arbitrary and obedient to the county's continued interest in acting as a municipality for a third of its population. Municipal officials have stressed that any new boundary group should be independent financially from the county.

When the Municipal League committee recently offered its recommendations to the membership, opposition rose swiftly. …


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