Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)


Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)


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The road: either you hate it . . .

DON HENLEY looks at the reunion tour by THE EAGLES and tells Billboard: "I think after this tour, that'll be it. At times, it's been satisfying. And there's been pain involved, as there always is in any endeavor of this magnitude.

"Some of the things that broke us apart years ago have not gone away, evidently.

"I thought maybe they had. But someone said to me the other night, `All that stuff is still there; just 'cause 14 years went by doesn't mean it's gone.' "

...Or you can't wait to get back: THE ROLLING STONES have mapped their itinerary for next year's European tour, and MICK JAGGER is eager to go. "It's very different to play in Europe," he says. "Sometimes in America, it gets boring - but that never happens in Europe."

Author STEPHEN KING is talking up a real-life horror story - the state of American book retailing.

Recently, he visited only independent stores to promote "Insomnia," shunning the big discount outlets.

The reason: "I'm concerned about the effect that the price-cutters are having on American popular culture.

"And, God knows, American popular culture is debased enough without giving too much economic power to mega-stores that basically want to reduce diversity to 25 fiction titles, 25 nonfiction titles and 100 record albums, most of which are by the Beastie Boys."

Coming soon to the video rack: DR. C. EVERETT KOOP, one-time surgeon general. …

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