Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Clinton Hasn't Really Changed

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Clinton Hasn't Really Changed

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In the wake of dramatic Republican gains in November and dwindling support for his liberal, big government policies, President Bill Clinton is putting on a new face. The election proved that conservatism sells in mainstream America. So, that's exactly what Clinton is going to be now - or at least appear to be. When he fired Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders and announced a middle-class tax cut, Clinton began his attempt to create a new image for himself - hoping America will embrace it before November 1996.

However, cosmetic changes cannot transform failed liberal policies into an administration America can support. If Clinton really "got the message" America sent in Election 1994, then his administration must undergo more than a makeover. It needs major reconstructive surgery.

Although Elders has packed up the condom tree that sat atop her desk and is heading back to Arkansas, her radical philosophies still permeate the Clinton administration. For example, they live on in the federal workplace AIDS Education Initiative. Elders was fired due to comments she made regarding teaching masturbation to school children, but one manual used for training federal workers on AIDS recommends masturbation as a way to protect yourself from contracting AIDS. This manual is not targeted for children, but it does illustrate the fact that although Clinton is eager to eliminate radical appearances, he is not so anxious to abolish the dysfunctional philosophies that were an integral part of Elders' platform.

Among these philosophies are sex education for kindergartners and condom distribution to teens. The president has made no indication that he will change direction from how Elders was leading America's health policy. In fact, in many of these controversial areas, he has personally taken the lead in promoting anti-family health policies.

In June 1993, Clinton signed the National Institutes of Health Reauthorization Act. Included in this act was authorization to begin harvesting aborted babies for taxpayer-funded medical research.

Moreover, in January 1993, he ordered the government to review the ban on private importation of RU-486, the French abortion pill. …

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