Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Nicole's Sister Assails Simpson O.J. Humiliated His Former Wife, Tearful Denise Brown Testifies

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Nicole's Sister Assails Simpson O.J. Humiliated His Former Wife, Tearful Denise Brown Testifies

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Nicole Brown Simpson's sister broke into tears on the witness stand Friday as she told how O.J. Simpson humiliated his wife in public and once hurled her against a wall and threw her out of the house.

Denise Brown, 37, detailed a series of incidents for the jury at his murder trial - including one in which he grabbed his wife's crotch at a crowded bar and declared, "This is mine."

As she told of another incident - the blowup at his mansion - she began to cry, and the prosecutor asked that court be adjourned 10 minutes early.

"It's just so hard," Brown said, sniffing and wiping her eyes with a tissue.

The trial was recessed until Monday. Simpson is on trial in the June 12 killings of Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

The defense objected repeatedly to Brown's injecting her opinions with such remarks as "he loved the attention" and "he has a big ego." The jurors were told to disregard such comments.

During a break in questioning, Simpson looked across the room at Brown and shook his head. He appeared to try to catch her eye several times, but she stared straight ahead.

In the late 1980s, Brown said, the Simpsons and friends were at a crowded Mexican restaurant. O.J. Simpson was instantly recognized and treated to drinks by admirers.

"We were all drinking and goofing around and being loud and dancing," Brown said. "At one point, O.J. grabbed Nicole's crotch and said, `This is where babies come from, and this belongs to me.' "

She said Nicole Simpson seemed used to such treatment.

"I thought it was humiliating," Brown said.

In another incident for which she gave no date, she said she and her boyfriend were with the Simpsons at their home, where they were drinking after visiting a restaurant.

"I told him he took Nicole for granted, and he blew up," Brown said.

"He started yelling - `Me? I don't take her for granted. I do everything for her. I give her everything.'

"And then a whole fight broke out. And pictures started flying off the walls. Clothes started flying. He ran upstairs, got clothes - started flying down the stairs, and grabbed Nicole, told her to get out of his house, wanted us all out of his house, threw her against a wall," Brown said.

She choked out the rest of her description through tears: Simpson "picked her up, threw her out of the house, she ended up on her - she ended up falling, she ended up on her elbows and on her butt. . . . We were all sitting there screaming and crying and he grabbed me and threw me out of the house."

A Jealous Man?

Brown testified after two of Nicole Simpson's former next-door neighbors said that Simpson quarreled with her about affairs, and that he once parked around the corner from her house late at night and stood outside, seemingly trying to peer in. …

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