Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Navy Veteran Seeking License Applicants to `Tag Up'

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Navy Veteran Seeking License Applicants to `Tag Up'

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DALE CARROLL is looking for a few good men and women - a few good Navy men and women, that is.

Carroll, a Navy veteran, is hoping that at least 150 more Navy vets will spend $15 extra a year for special Navy license plates. If they don't do it soon, it could be a long time before Carroll, or anyone else in Missouri, gets to drive around with a license plate decorated with a Navy logo.

Carroll, a sales manager for Buffalo Tool here and the mayor of Norwood Court, is one of just 55 people in Missouri applying for a Navy license plate. The problem is that at least 200 people have to apply before the state will manufacture any.

So that means that Carroll and anyone else who has applied won't get a plate until a lot more people do.

That 200 figure is the break-even point for special plates, said John Bryan, legislative analyst for Missouri Department of Revenue.

Because there's no deadline, the state will keep collecting applications until it reaches 200. That could be a long time. The state started taking applications for the Navy plates more than a year ago. At the rate things are going now, it'll be four years before the state stamps its first Navy plate.

It might take even longer for other branches. Only three people have applied for Coast Guard plates. At that rate, the first Coast Guard plate will be stamped in 2061, just in time for the new anti-gravity cars.

Incidentally, the state would still produce those logo plates even if the Legislature passes Sen. Bill McKenna's bill to give Missouri's plates a uniform color and design.

Here's how many requests have come in from the various branches:

Air Force: 58 applications.

Army: 65 applications.

Coast Guard: 3 applications.

Marine Corps: 74 applications.

Merchant Marine: 4 applications.

National Guard: 146 applications.

Navy: 55 applications.

If you're interested in applying, check with the Department of Revenue fee or branch office where you normally get your plates renewed.

Dale Carroll would appreciate it. IT COULD BE VERSE

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