Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Rules Reversal Has Moms Locking Up Their Sons

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Rules Reversal Has Moms Locking Up Their Sons

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Sandy hated the stupid rules for girls and boys.

A nice girl couldn't just call up a boy or she'd get a reputation for being fast, and then no nice boy in her high school would take her out, except to go parking.

So Sandy had to wait for a boy to call her for a date, and it was just awful. Every time the phone rang, she'd run across the room to answer it first.

"I'll get it," she'd yell, falling over the dog, while her father sat there and snickered. But Sandy had to get there before her stupid little brother picked up the phone and made some dumb remark.

Not that a boy had much chance to get through to her. If it wasn't her father on the phone talking about boring business, it was her mother hogging the phone with her church groups, or worse, her dumb brother talking to his dumb friends. Boys her brother's age didn't even talk. They communicated in grunts and barnyard noises, like the disgusting animals they were.

Sandy wasn't even sure Joe was going to call. She'd told her friend Kathy, who told Becky, who told her older brother Joe that Sandy really liked him and maybe Joe should take Sandy to the prom. Kathy swore she'd delivered the message. Becky said she was sure her older brother liked Sandy because he said she was cute for a sophomore, but you never knew. Waiting was the worst. By the time Joe did call, she'd be a hag and he wouldn't want to take her to the prom.

When Sandy grew up, things were going to be different. It was going to be OK to call a boy. There was nothing wrong with girls being direct. It was no sin to pick up a telephone.

Well, well, well. ... The Sandys of this world are all grown up. More grown up than they ever thought they'd be. And so are the Beckys, and the Kathys and all the other boomers, the last generation that played the dating game by the old rules.

And they got their wish, too: Today, young women don't go through the agonizing wait for a young man to call them. They pick up the phone and call the boys they're interested in. And call. And call. And call. …

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