Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

No Respect at All? Ask the Head Hog

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

No Respect at All? Ask the Head Hog

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Now why did Jerry Stackhouse have to go and give Nolan Richardson an opening? Can we call a technical foul in the interview room? If so, Stackhouse would have been whistled for one.

Stackhouse, North Carolina's fine forward, shouldn't try to play the role of Billy Packer. Stackhouse made the innocent mistake of offering the analysis that Carolina was "just unlucky in the end" of a 75-68 loss to Arkansas in the Final Four semifinals.

This opinion, loosely translated, could mean that Arkansas was lucky to win Saturday night at the Kingdome.

Do I have to tell you what came next? Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson, who can hear an insult - real or imagined - from Seattle to Fayetteville, seized his favorite angle. We'll be getting a strong dose of this message until Arkansas plays UCLA for the national championship on Monday night.

Here we go again: Richardson doesn't get the respect he deserves.

His Razorbacks don't get respect. Bill and Hillary Clinton don't get respect. Roger Clinton doesn't get respect. Wal-Mart doesn't get respect. The horses at Oaklawn in Hot Springs don't get respect. Nothing from Arkansas gets respect.

"Bill Russell said the only thing he knows about bad luck is to lose," Richardson said.

And away we go . . .

"Hell, I don't worry about that. The harder I work, the luckier I get," Richardson said. "The team is set the same way. The harder they work, they luckier they get. Because you put yourself in a position to be lucky. In order to have championships, you have to have luck.

"And I just hope we have, you know, one more day of luck. And you can write stories like, `They lucked out again.' I like that. You can write, `They almost lost.' I like that."

During his discourse, Richardson was interrupted by the shrill blast from a train horn outside the media pavilion. (The Kingdome is tucked away by railroad tracks).

"Even the train likes me," Richardson said, sarcastically.

I have yet to meet a decent American citizen who doesn't respect Richardson for the excellent work he has done as the Arkansas coach. …

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