Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

New Nancy Sinatra Is Same Old Stuff

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

New Nancy Sinatra Is Same Old Stuff

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A MAN DROPPED a copy of the May issue of Playboy on my desk.

That would be the issue with Nancy Sinatra on the cover, wearing lavender suede boots, a French manicure and a satin pillow. Inside are seven pages of photographs of Sinatra - sans pillow - for which she reportedly was paid more than $50,000.

Nancy Sinatra is 54. And except for some drooping around her mouth and a receding gumline, her face and body look as smooth, taut and ageless as Latex. This is not to be confused with life-like, however, but more on that later.

The man who brought me the magazine is white and middle-aged. He grew up reading Mr. Hefner's magazine, which helped create and sustain the mammary cult in America. Not to put too fine a point on it, but my friend is a breast man.

He considers me to be an enlightened feminist, i.e., a woman who won't punch him in the mouth or scream harassment if he talks like a guy's guy now and then. As such, he told me Sinatra looked splendid, as did several other middle-aged white men who just happened by my desk.

They found the fact that Sinatra was still sexy while naked at 54 was a vindication of middle-aged women everywhere. This charitable view followed the same line of reasoning as the Charles-Camilla-Di business. That Charles prefers the weatherbeaten visage of Old Horseface, Camilla Bowles-Parker, to the perma-press-complected Princess, was seen by many as a triumph for wrinkles.

The Sinatra photographs are a triumph, yes, but not for middle-aged women. They are first and foremost a triumph of computer enhanced photography that eliminates veins, body hair, unsightly bulges and other worn tread.

They are also a triumph of capitalism over good taste. Ol' Blue Eyes, who expressed some reservations about his daughter's nudity, overcame them after she promised to hit up Playboy for more money.

Tacky, tacky, tacky. But then she always was, with that heap of frosted hair, furry eyelashes, miniskirts and boots. She looks the way cigarettes smell.

Sinatra is dating her manager, 34-year-old Hal Lifson, whom she credits with reviving her career, although she worries a bit that what he loves is the '60s icon, not the '90s woman.

She has re-released four of her eight original records from the 1960s, has a new CD, is working on a book about her father, and will soon issue a 1996 pinup calendar featuring her in dominatrix garb. …

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