Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Why Can't Men Golfers Be More like Women?

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Why Can't Men Golfers Be More like Women?

Article excerpt

IT PAINS ME to report that my paper, the Chicago Tribune, recently printed a blatantly sexist item that insulted countless female persons.

This was brought to my attention by the sharp-eyed blonde with whom I live, when she stormed into the room while waving the sports section and said:

"Have you ever seen a woman golfer throw a club when she makes a bad shot?"

I have no such memory.

"Have you ever seen a woman golfer slam a club into the ground or throw it into a pond?"


"And have you ever heard a woman scream filthy four-letter words on a golf course?"

No, not even a "damn" or a "hell."

"Then tell me why your paper would print something as insulting and demeaning to women as this."

And she read from an article giving advice to the growing number of women who have taken up the game.

The advice included this tip: "No temper tantrums - even if you miss your first shot."

"Has your paper ever told male golfers that they should not have temper tantrums?"

Of course not.


Because everybody knows that emotional outbursts are part of the male golf tradition.

When a man botches an important shot, or even a trivial one, he is expected to cry out as if undergoing abdominal surgery without an anesthetic.

As his ball sails toward a pond, he might scream: "Turn, turn, you lousy (bleep)."

And when it splashes toward the depths, he might turn his frustration on himself, shouting: "What a (bleeping) (bleep)head I am."

Or he might direct his fury at the world in general, braying as many four-letter words, or combinations thereof, as he can think of. As in: "Oh, (bleep, bleep, bleep), why the (bleep) did I ever take up such a (bleeping) stupid game? (Bleep) it forever."

Men have different styles of expressing their agony. A friend of mineie.M

turns his rage on outside forces of evil. "Those stinking birds," he'll shout, "they start chirping in the middle of my backswing. Why are birds allowed on a golf course? And those church bells ringing in my follow through. Why can't they bury someone without clanging bells? Show some respect for the living, for Pete's sake."

The blonde is right. …

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