Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Jewish Males Have Lox on Depression

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Jewish Males Have Lox on Depression

Article excerpt

A RECENT medical study has shown what many fans of Woody Allen movies have long taken for granted: Jewish men tend to be more depressed than the rest of us.

The question is why.

The researchers at Brown University say it might be because Jewish men are less inclined toward the use of booze. Thus, they don't drown their depression and replace it with a hangover.

But there are other theories. We put the question of Jewish male depression to three Jewish men and three Jewish women. Here's what they said:

Evelyn, 50: "One theory I have is their expectations of being taken care of are high because of the Jewish Mother Syndrome.

"They expect to be pampered. Their mothers have treated men in a princely fashion. They're cushioned from life. And if they wind up marrying Jewish women, they continue getting this treatment.

"But then come the children or the wife finds a career. So he's left out. The man is depressed because he feels this is not the woman he married. Meanwhile, he hasn't learned to take care of himself, and that is depressing. He has lost his mother-wife."

Jeff, 23: "Everybody gets depressed, but other guys have ways to combat it. Alcohol is not a viable alternative because we have weak stomachs. It's been proven scientifically.

"But you want to know why we're depressed? Jewish women. They are demanding. Clearly they're smarter than us, they're more together, they know what they want, and it is YOU.

"Do you know what it's like to have a smart, ambitious Jewish woman coming at you? Give me a repressed Catholic girl any time.

"You also don't appreciate the incredible pressures one is under as a man to provide the lifestyle for your princess. Even though chances are that she has a cooler job than you do.

"And another thing, you'd be depressed, too, if you had to spend the eighth day of your life at a party thrown specifically for the purpose of hacking off ... you know what. Now that is depressing."

Sarah, 57: "What is it about me that would depress a Jewish man? It's not me, honey, it's his mother. Whatever's wrong with them, blame it on the mother. Everybody does.

"These guys have to live up to their mother's wildly high expectations. …

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