Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Life Imitating Art 50 Movie Actors and Directors Confess - about Their Favorite Movies

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Life Imitating Art 50 Movie Actors and Directors Confess - about Their Favorite Movies

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WHAT MOVIES are you addicted to? That's what we asked 50 celebrities to confess. What films stop 'em cold whenever they're channel surfing in the middle of the night. Which ones can they see again and again and again?

The answers give an insight into what images from the screen may have influenced actors and directors in their careers.

1. Terence Stamp (actor, "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"). "The Tyrone Power version of `The Razor's Edge.' If you include subject matter in the greatness of films - `Citizen Kane' is a great film, but it's not about anything - `The Razor's Edge' is great.' It is about something: a man in search of himself."

2. Keanu Reeves (actor, "Speed"). "I can see `2001: A Space Odyssey' a hundred times and never get bored. Basically, I'm a major Stanley Kubrick fan. I think he's one of the most talented directors. I can see his movies over and over again. He is so daring."

3. Sigourney Weaver (actress, "Alien"). "I just love `Ninotchka.' I love Melvyn Douglas, Greta Garbo, and all the actors in it. Such a great ensemble."

4. Sharon Stone (actress, "Casino"). "I love to see Disney's animated film of `The Jungle Book.' It had incredible actors as the voices, especially George Sanders as the villain. The jazz of that period was really unbelievable and Louis Prima, a great jazz musician, played the king monkey. Great stuff."

5. Steve Buscemi (actor, "Reservoir Dogs"). " `It's a Wonderful Life' was an addiction - I can't even watch it on television because I've watched it so many times that I need a few years off. Then I'll get back to it."

6. Kevin Costner (actor, "Waterworld"). " `The Wizard of Oz.' I always see new things. I continue to watch it, and mentally I go, `There's nothing new in here that I'm going to see.' But I do. I consciously did that exercise 10 to 12 times. It's such a detail-oriented movie."

7. Steve Martin (actor-writer, "Roxanne"). "I'm a sucker for oldies like `The Music Man.' That always stops me when I'm changing channels. I've always loved the musical; there's something so perfect about it, so integrated, so happy. Why don't I do one? I have one problem: no singing voice."

8. Ivan Reitman (director, "Dave"). " `Some Like It Hot' - I've seen an awful lot. It's funny, and it's a really well-made film."

9. Emma Thompson (actress, "Junior"). " `Les Enfants du Paradis' is my favorite film. I never tire of it. So many memorable moments. The first close-up of Jean-Louis Barrault standing at the bar, talking to the grand actor, is one of the most beautiful moments on film."

10. Jeff Daniels (actor, "Dumb and Dumber"). " `The Out-of-Towners' with Jack Lemmon. Critics rip it. Jack Lemmon's biography barely mentions it. Lemmon does the big, believable comedy that I try to do sometimes. I just think Lemmon was one of the best at it. That picture, and also `Dog Day Afternoon,' because I was in college when I saw it. I saw Pacino, and I said, `That's what I want to try to do.' "

11. Dennis Hopper (actor, "Waterworld"). "The first thing that comes to mind is `The Magnificent Ambersons.' Funny, because that was a picture Orson Welles didn't like. I love that movie. I never tire of it. He always claimed that it was ruined in the editing, but I always thought it was great."

12. Whoopi Goldberg (actress, "Boys on the Side"). "I love `The Godfather,' and I can see it anytime. It's just a great, great movie. Also, `To Kill a Mockingbird.' "

13. Helen Mirren (actress, "Prime Suspect"). "Of course `Citizen Kane' is a movie I can see over and over again. Once you get past the story and the character, it's fascinating to watch the camera moves."

14. Bob Hope (actor, "Facts of Life"). "Charlie Chaplin was my idol when I was a kid. I used to do Chaplin imitations on amateur nights. I guess `The Gold Rush' was my favorite; you can find new things in it every time you see it. …

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