Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Homer vs. Kramer Kplr Brings Us Seinfeld Times Six - and a Dilemma

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Homer vs. Kramer Kplr Brings Us Seinfeld Times Six - and a Dilemma

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Mr. Burns or Newman? Krusty the Klown or The Drake?

That will be the choice St. Louis television viewers will face each weeknight starting Monday.

That's when KPLR (Channel 11) begins showing reruns of "Seinfeld" at 6:30 p.m. The shows will run Monday-Saturday. Seinfeld's entry into syndication is one of the most anticipated events of the television season. KPLR is heavily promoting the program, which is distributed by Columbia Tri-Star.

The only catch is that 6:30 is "Simpsons" time for many St. Louisans. That's when KPLR (Channel 30) runs its syndicated version of the popular cartoon.

So each night viewers will have to choose their favorite hipster doofus - Homer Simpson or Cosmo Kramer.

There is one other additional warning for Seinfeld fans. The shows will not be shown in chronological order. KPLR spokeswoman Terry Marvin says this is Columbia Tri-Star's decision, not the television station's.

Here's the episode lineup for the first three weeks.

Week 1: The Pez Dispenser, The Chinese Restaurant, The Fix-Up, The Pen, The Tape, The Deal.

Week 2: The Parking Garage, The Note, The Jacket, The Junior Mint, The Cafe, The Nose Job.

Week 3: The Stand-In, The Apartment, The Pony Remark, The Parking Space, The Revenge, The Ex-Girlfriend.

Each viewer of Seinfeld probably has his or her favorite. Here are five (in chronological order) that might make anyone's list.

The Chinese Restaurant: The entire show takes place while the group waits for a table. This might be the ultimate achievement for a show that's about nothing.

The Tape: Elaine talks dirty; George seeks a baldness cure; Kramer is in search of the jacket. Everyone in the ensemble has a moment to shine.

The Contest: Some of the key elements of this most talked-about episode: John Kennedy Jr., a virgin and a Glamour magazine.

The Marine Biologist: NBC says it's the highest-rated Seinfeld yet. George is caught in a lie about being a marine biologist and has to rescue a whale from Kramer's golf ball.

The Hamptons: Everyone has to "see the baby," but the wrong person ends up seeing George's "shrinkage" instead.


How well do you know your Seinfeld? Many of these titles of most of these episodes give away the content (The Contest, The Puffy Shirt, The Cheever Letters). But how many people can remember The Robbery or Male Unbonding (the only episode that doesn't begin with "the")?

1. The Seinfeld Chronicles

2. The Stakeout

3. The Robbery

4. Male Unbonding

5. The Stock Tip

6. The Ex-Girlfriend

7. …

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