Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Morning Briefing

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Morning Briefing

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The money battle between Dallas Cowboys owner JERRY JONES and his fellow National Football League owners leaves Philadelphia Inquirer columnist BILL LYON on the fluegelhorns of a dilemma:

"Whom to root for . . . whom to root for . . .

"There is really only one logical choice here, of course.

"Double knockout."

So why is the Lyon on the prowl over the battle?

"They're all unsavory.

"They're all, in varying degrees, contemptible.

"They're all bloated with self-importance, and they're all corrupted by power and wealth."

OK, OK, enough of the soft soap. Be specific.

"Jones is vain and pompous and arrogant. He is adept at slithering through loopholes. He can loot and pillage and then make it appear as though he is the one being victimized. In other words, he is a capitalist.

"The NFL is a ruthless monolith of unbridled socialism that responds to every challenge by unleashing hordes of pit bull attorneys. The NFL not only takes no prisoners, it machine-guns the lifeboats."

That's pretty specific.


In the Sooner State, folks have come up with a new spelling of GARY NORD's name - M-U-D. Since he's the offensive coordinator for the Oklahoma Sooners football team, Nord would seem to be an unlikely candidate for such a dishonor.

It all goes back to some Nord comments published Sept. 9 in the Louisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal. The newspaper's feature story about HOWARD SCHNELLENBERGER's arrival as OU's new coach quoted Nord as follows:

"It (a June bus tour of Oklahoma) was really good. I thought the damn Kentucky people were hicks, but these people win hands down," said Nord, a Kentucky native.

"I should've taken a dentist with me," he said. "I didn't see a full set of teeth the whole time I was on the road."

Holy Muskogee, Batman! Them's bitin' words.

OU President DAVID BOREN sent Nord a letter this week demanding an apology. …

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