Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Cut the Cow Calls: This One's Mostly a Hoot

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Cut the Cow Calls: This One's Mostly a Hoot

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DAIRY Princess Cheryl wears little cow earrings and cute cow sweaters. Her black-and-white bovine bustier matches the Holstein interior of her pink Dairy Princess Cadillac.

"You sure like cows, don't you," says dairy farmer Kevin.

"They're my life," says Cheryl, who sure likes Kevin.

Courtney Thorne-Smith is Cheryl and Kyle Secor is Kevin in "Beauty's Revenge" (8 tonight on Channel 5), a moo-ving true-crime thriller with plenty of black (make that black-and-white-spotted) humor.

When Cheryl meets Kevin, she's udderly smitten, but he's already in love with Beth (Tracey Gold).

Beth loves Kevin, but she has ambitions; she's been to trade school and isn't ready to settle down in Cloverdale and have calves . . . er, kids.

So Kevin dallies briefly with Cheryl, and soon she's ordering a Holstein-patterned wedding gown. (OK, I made that one up.)

When he returns to Beth, our dimpled princess does more than cry over spilt milk; she seeks the aforementioned revenge.

The movie suffers a drastic change of tone, from hoot to horror, two-thirds of the way through, and I soured on it at that point.

But until then, it's butter.

ABC's renewal of "The Marshal" (7 tonight on Channel 2) was something of a surprise; the tongue-in-cheek action-drama was only a moderate success in the ratings after its introduction in January.

But the network saw the series as a good lead-in to "Monday Night Football," and that it is.

Plus, judging from the first two episodes, it's even more entertaining this year than last.

Jeff Fahey stars as Deputy U.S. Marshal Winston MacBride, who travels the country rounding up fugitives. This seldom goes smoothly.

In last week's bizarrely hilarious season premiere, for example, he went to the market for hot dogs for his daughters' slumber party and ended up being held hostage along with a woman shoplifting a turkey and a man in a Tofu Sausage suit.

The hostage-takers, by the way, were an evil duo named Skye King and Penney.

Tonight's installment is a little more serious, involving an elderly man who rides his lawnmower into town to protest his taxes and winds up winging a judge. …

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