Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Perot Voters Search for Substance

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Perot Voters Search for Substance

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Since the 1992 election when almost 20 million Americans voted for Ross Perot, the establishment media have fallen all over themselves offering explanation after explanation as to why such a huge number of citizens did such a baffling thing and refused to sanction either of the establishment candidates. I have always been baffled as to why the media consistently have relied upon every sort of person to explain the phenomenon except those who truly know: Perot voters.

We are not coming back to any candidate or party that fails to advocate - and deliver on - our positions. I can't speak for 20 million voters, I know, but having consulted with many of my fellow '92 activists in Illinois and Missouri, hear this: We are through with choosing between the lesser of two evils.

We will vote only for candidates who appeal to and act upon our interests, and we will vote. To not vote is to not count at all. Should the elected then betray us, they will need to seek out traitor lovers for future votes. We will no longer attempt to choose between the least offensive candidates.

We, the Perot voters, require reasons to vote for someone, not reasons to vote against someone else.

The present two-party system conspires to offer us a choice between predatory capitalism and welfare-psychobabble socialism. We can have our well-paying jobs shipped out of the country and rejoice while workers are paid less - if they haven't been downsized - while corporate kingpins cash in bonuses. Or we can have big government dictate how we live our lives and pay taxes to support endless programs and bureaucracies.

A vote for the lesser of these evils is not counted as such. The politicians treat such votes as an affirmation of their candidacy and proclaim their mandate.

Enough. We are not going to agree to disagree on NAFTA, on GATT, on deficit elimination, on campaign finance reform or on any of our core issues. …

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