Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Republicans Need the Presidency

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Republicans Need the Presidency

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Writing in the Oct. 2 issue of The Weekly Standard, Bryan York recommends defeat as the path to victory. York says that a second Clinton term would actually be good for Republicans because a Republican Congress would be able to press reforms without taking all of the heat from angry interest groups.

Using this standard, Lincoln might have delayed the Emancipation Proclamation to help more people focus on the immorality of slavery.

Pundits are creating various scenarios in which Bill Clinton would remain in the White House and Republicans would mostly get their way. What a crock!

And what a trap. These liberals know they're about to lose it all and are trying desperately to hold on to the sinking ship.

The president, meanwhile, continues to reveal his vulnerability by conducting a public therapy session in which he is both the counselor and the patient. He tells us we're in a "funk," but when his handlers realize he might be compared to Jimmy Carter and his "malaise" speech, the president declares us healed and feeling pretty good.

Having once felt our pain, he now feels our joy.

What would be the consequences of having the Clintons (we get her as well as him - one of the few campaign promises he fulfilled) for another four years? The bureaucracy would continue to be staffed by Clinton regulators and other appointees, imposing their will on the states.

In the Justice Department alone, notes former Attorney General Ed Meese, "we have seen a failure to follow up on some cases" that are not viewed through the prism of political correctness. Despite carefully staged events, the military continues to loathe this president, and, says Meese, "our foreign policy is in disrepair over Bosnia," the announced "breakthrough" in negotiations notwithstanding.

Then there's the Supreme Court. Many important cases are being decided by 5-4 votes in favor of conservative positions. …

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