Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Fiorentino, Palminteri, Caruso: Sexy, but No Gem

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Fiorentino, Palminteri, Caruso: Sexy, but No Gem

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"JADE" Rating: R. Running time: 1:34.

ROUND up the posse. Load the shotguns. We're going after Joe Eszterhas.

The fact that this writer was paid a reported $2.5 million for his "Jade" screenplay is downright criminal, and if Hollywood won't take him out, it's time good movie-going citizens took things in their own hands.

The plot of "Jade" is so ridiculous, its dialogue so dreary, that nothing can save it - not seriously talented actors, not a revered director, not $40 million worth of movie-making muscle.

Once again, Eszterhas - the man responsible for "Basic Instinct," "Sliver" and "Showgirls" - takes us into his world of sex and she-devils. Once again, it's downright offensive.

The vixen this time around is Trina Gavin (played by "The Last Seduction's" Linda Fiorentino). She is a clinical psychologist with two men in her life: her rich, powerful lawyer-husband, Matt Gavin (Chazz Palminteri, from "Bullets Over Broadway"), and her ex-boyfriend, now police detective David Corelli (David Caruso, "NYPD Blue").

Their life is fast-paced and glamorous until Gavin finds out her husband is cheating. Upset, this beautiful, young, sexy, smart woman gets her revenge by having brutal sex with men twice her age.

When one of her sexual underworld cronies is found dead, she becomes the chief suspect in an investigation led, of course, by officer Corelli. The trail winds through a world of prostitution, bribery and violence.

Envisioning this as a film noir classic, director William Friedkin filmed "Jade" in hyper-style. The music is haunting and the lighting low. Scenes are shot from odd angles, and the camera seems in constant motion.

Unfortunately, he gets carried away in shadowland. …

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