Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

New Holidays Make the Old Better

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

New Holidays Make the Old Better

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WE need some new holidays.

The old ones are wearing us out.

Oh, sure, they were a great idea once - big family get-togethers, a chance to reflect on the things that really matter, a break from humdrum routine.

Now let's think back to Thanksgiving. Was it a break? Or was it a whole new set of Things To Do NOW!!! Did you, in fact, get much of a chance to reflect on the meaning of life? Or was that kind of hard to work in amid the reflections on menu, how to make the house look presentable without actually cleaning it, and how to finish the work at the office that was "on" even though you were "off."

Not only that, we make it worse because of the illusion that holidays give us more time, instead of more to do.

Oho, you say, on the Friday after Thanksgiving I can clean my closets at last. And maybe you do succeed in emptying them. But reorganizing them takes another day, minimum. And who, at this time of the year, can carve one more spare day out of the overcrowded calendar? On the other hand, living with sweaters on the sofa until 1996 is out of the question. So you have to find the time - well, how much sleep does a person really need?

Let's face it: We don't have time for holidays like that anymore.

We don't need to give up the standard holidays, though. They are treasured and have a place in our society and our hearts. What we need to do is augment them with more holidays, ones that could free up the traditional holidays for their original purposes.

On the new, updated calendar, let's see some national holidays like these:

The Festival of Closets: Like the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, this celebration would last for eight consecutive days. That way, you could actually get your closets - all your closets - clean at once. Closet-cleaning would no longer have to be a work-in-progress or (shudder) a vacation activity. …

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