Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

A Completely New (Scary) Copying Concept

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

A Completely New (Scary) Copying Concept

Article excerpt

PAM does not want to duplicate the day the copying machine ate her assistant. There are many people Pam would like to feed to a copier, but her helper is not one of them.

Pam works at a local high school. She has an office, which is a fancy name for a closet big enough for a desk, a file cabinet and a cranky copying machine.

The place is so small, Pam can reach everything by swiveling in her chair.

Thanks to a school work-study program, Pam has a very able student assistant. Pam says her assistant is hard-working, smart and conscientious. This means the lucky kid gets all the tough jobs. Including dealing with the cranky copier.

The day started as a copy of another bad day.

"I woke up late," Pam said. "The printer wouldn't work on my computer, and I had to get a report out. On top of that, my copier kept jamming. I had to get those copies out that afternoon. So I asked my assistant to make the copies.

"She was very patient. The machine kept jamming. She'd do a few, and it would jam again. She would reach in there, pull out the paper, and start it up again. Then she'd make some more copies and it would jam again.

"Anyway, I heard her say, `Miss Pam, I think my finger is stuck.' "

"Hah, hah," said Pam, sure she was joking.

"It's really stuck," said the student.

This time Pam heard the panic in her voice.

"Just relax and slide your finger out of the machine," Pam said.

Nothing makes me tense up more than someone telling me to relax. I know I'm in for the big hurt. Besides, it's hard to relax when a machine the size of a riding lawn mower has swallowed your hand and won't give it back.

"Miss Pam, it has my knuckle. I cannot get it out," the student told Pam.

Pam called a school official, "and he came over. I also called the copier company and said, `This child is turning black and blue.'

"They said, `We'll get someone there, but we don't know when. …

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