Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)


Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)


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Muslims, Croats Move Into Abandoned Suburbs

Thousands of Muslims and Croats Wednesday poured into Hadzici, a suburb of Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina that had been abandoned by the Serbs. Many of the Croats and Muslims had lived there before the civil war and were forced to flee when the Serbs took over in 1992.

Hadzici was the third of the five Serbian-held Sarajevo suburbs to come under the control of the Croatian-Muslim federation. Fearing reprisals from their Muslim former foe, almost all of its Serbian residents fled before the handover.

Retunring Muslims and Croats found most of the dwellings in Hadzici had been stripped by departing Serbs. Some were still smoldered after being set ablaze overnight.



Fierce Rebel Fighting Kills 10 Russian Soldiers

Chechen rebels attacked Russian troops in the Chechen capital Grozny of Wednesday, burning down police stations and blowing up pumping stations in some of the fiercest fighting in Grozny since the war began.

Machine-gun fire and exploding grenades shook the city already in ruins from fighting in January 1995 and sporadic attacks since. Ten Russian soldiers were reported killed.

The 14-month-old war has killed about 30,000 people.




Congress May Outlaw Use Of Germ Warfare Material

In reaction to an incident last year in which a self-proclaimed white supremacist in Ohio obtained freeze-dried bubonic plague bacteria from a government laboratory, Congress is considering making unauthorized use of germ warfare material a federal crime.

"The bill responds to several recent incidents where fringe groups were able to acquire dangerous viruses, pathogens and toxins but, fortunately, were stopped before a domestic terrorism incident occurred," said Rep. Joseph Kennedy, D-Mass., one of the sponsors of the measure.

In May, Larry Wayne Harris, 43, of Lancaster, Ohio, was accused of illegally obtaining plague bacteria through the mail from the American Type Culture Collection, a laboratory in Rockville, Md. A plague epidemic in the 14th century killed an estimated one-third of the population of Europe. …

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