Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

It's Time for the Goverment to Step In

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

It's Time for the Goverment to Step In

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THE PROBLEM is not that there is too much government involvement in our lives; the problem is that there is not enough government involvement therein.

The government should be far more involved in the catalog business, for instance.

Today - and I mean today - the government should step right in with some full-scale regulations regulating catalogs' regularity.

They're far too regular.

They arrive and arrive and arrive and arrive, and most are full of the same old items.

The government should require that each catalog firm be allowed one issue or edition per quarter, "and at least one-third of the pages must offer all new stuff." Those new items, furthermore, must be featured on the first pages of each catalog, so that a person doesn't have to thumb through the entire catalog of old stuff for fear of missing the new stuff.

Left to its own unregulated devices, the catalog business has run amok; it is totally out of control, the government's or anybody else's. Say a person goes out of town for a few days, less than a week, even, then returns to cartons full of catalogs. Not wanting to be irresponsible, the person must then sit down and go through each and every catalog, in most cases only to see the same old stuff over and over again.

"Well, no one's making you read all those catalogs," is the common response to which I, for one, reply, "Are you kidding?"

No one makes me vote, either, or keep my yard neat or recycle. Catalogs are a part of all that, part of America, and I'm nothing if not a good citizen. If the catalog people send you catalogs, you're supposed to read them, and if you're by-gosh doing your part, they should by-gosh do theirs, which means making the task as by-gosh easy as possible. And if they won't by-gosh do it on their own, then the government must step in and by-gosh do it for them. …

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