Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Ira Spurns Peace, Revives Terrorism

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Ira Spurns Peace, Revives Terrorism

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The London Docklands bombing demonstrates once again that "Irish Republican Army" is just a fancy label for a terrorist outfit indistinguishable from any other. A huge bomb in London's East End, for which the IRA claims responsibility, injured more than 100, killed at least two, and did $100 million worth of damage. And this ended an 17-month truce.

There may be an impulse, here and there, to take perverse satisfaction in this sad turn of events, since the U.S. instigators of the flimsy "peace process" that preceded the bombing had been warned that it couldn't last.

Far better to take the incident as an invitation to disabuse ourselves of the giddy illusions gingered up by the Clinton administration's deeply resented intervention in the Northern Ireland question, which the British government properly regards as an internal matter.

The Clinton White House, influenced by Sen. Ted Kennedy's Senate staff, overrode vehement objections from John Major's government when it granted the IRA's political front man, Gerry Adams, a U.S. visa and later received him at the White House. Superficially encouraging noises followed. The IRA proclaimed a "cease-fire." The Major government offered to negotiate with Sinn Fein (the political arm of the IRA) if the IRA would turn in its arsenal. The IRA of course refused. It reserves the right to "negotiate" with a pistol in its pocket. Then the Major government tried another tack. Let the negotiating parties be freely elected, it proposed. The IRA again refused.

You have to be politically dimwitted not to get the point. Sinn Fein and Adams may or may not have influence with the IRA's men of violence. That is obviously very much in question. What is no longer in question is that the IRA, like other terrorist outfits, cannot afford to abjure violence or trade its weapons for elections.

The IRA is, at most, a minority of a minority of a minority in Northern Ireland. It has few friends in the Republic of Ireland, in whose interest it claims to operate, and none at all in the Irish government. Its bottom-line aim is to sever Northern Ireland by force from the United Kingdom, whether or not a majority agree. …

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