Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Relaxation Tapes Are Rated Zzzzzz

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Relaxation Tapes Are Rated Zzzzzz

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OCEAN WAVES - or at least an audiocassette version of same - lulled me to sleep every night for more than 15 years. Now I listen to a tape called "Positive Relaxation," a more sophisticated way to drift into deep sleep, and one that leaves no sand between the toes.

The business of relaxation is booming, such that people who once exchanged exercise videos now pass around meditation tapes. Some of the tapes are spoken word, and some are instrumental. They are said to provide the winning edge for athletes, healing for wounded bodies and souls and balance and energy for the rest of us.

The relaxation tape I nod off to each night was produced by Naida Colby R.N., a nurse clinician in Minneapolis who specializes in stress management and rehabilitation medicine. She also conducts workshops on energy medicine and was named American Holistic Nurse of 1984.

"I am a helper," she said. "I help people heal."

Colby blames our "accelerated world" for creating increased levels of stress.

"That's why many people aren't sleeping well," she said. "What I'm seeing is that people are realizing physical exercise isn't enough to relieve stress. They are reaching out now for relaxation tapes to complement the exercise programs and the good diet and nutrition."

Colby sells an "album" of four packaged tapes with eight different selections. Among them are "Positive Relaxation," which places you in a relaxed alpha/theta sleep rhythm; "Place of Relaxation," which enhances breathing skills; and "Naida's Theme," an instrumental music selection. The album costs $45. Some single tapes are available for $12 each. There is a $3.50 charge for postage and handling.

(For an order form and descriptions of the tapes, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Naida Colby, P.O. Box 47217, Plymouth, Minn. 55447-9998.)

Jeffrey Charno, chief executive officer of the Relaxation Company in Roslyn, N.Y., says relaxation is "perhaps the most important aspect of taking responsibility for your own health and well being. …

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