Computer & Video Games an Easy Intro to 3d Gaming

Article excerpt

One of the big advantages of the PlayStation over the Genesis and the Super Nintendo is its ability to do 3D. Three-dimensional action games are some of the more popular on the PC, and the main reason that a fast PC has replaced the vid boxes as a gamer's dream machine. But until the PlayStation and Sega Saturn came out, it just wasn't possible to do 3D on a video game system.

Assault Rigs is one of the first attempts to do 3D action combat on the PlayStation. With a setup that looks a little bit like the classic Bolo on the Apple II blended with the surreal atmosphere of the movie "Tron," Assault Rigs places you in the virtual cockpit of a cybertank engaged in arena warfare. Like most 3D action games, the storyline of a futuristic danger-free sport is weak, but then again, nobody cares about plot when the play is good.

The speed of the 3D is decent, as the limited size of the arena and small number of opponents keep the motion nice and smooth. However, the tiny rooms do occasionally lead to a claustrophobic feel and vague motion sickness. The graphics are okay, if more than a little odd, and I never could decide if the strange look of the wall textures were deliberate, or just the result of using mediocre artists. …


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