Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Disabled Couple Need All the Help They Can Get

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Disabled Couple Need All the Help They Can Get

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Dear Percy Ross: I've written to you a couple of times, but I never hear from you. My husband has cancer of the lung, and I have heart trouble, seizures and high blood pressure. We've been seeking help to get our utility bill paid. We both are disabled and only get a little income. Will you please let the Lord touch your heart to pay our light, gas and water bill of $475? I just want us to have the comforts of home. We go to church and all, and I don't understand why we are suffering so badly.

My guess is that you and your husband are decent folks who have fallen on hard times due to poor health. Your disabilities force you to live on a fixed income that doesn't stretch far enough to make ends meet. The mystery here is why some people have money and others don't have enough. It has nothing to with God and everything to do with capitalism. My sharing $500 with you doesn't balance the scales, but it does bring them a little closer to even. Best wishes.

Dear Percy Ross: Last year, my five children and I were in the domestic violence/battered women's shelter program. We're now out on our own and have secured an apartment to start our new beginning. By the grace of God, we made it through a very difficult, nerve-shattering experience. Heartbreakingly, we had to leave everything we owned behind except for our clothes. We were given beds from the shelter's connection, but that's all.

I'm not looking for a hand out - just a hand from someone who can lend one by helping us with dresser drawers. I need to provide organization for my children's clothing. This would help them (and me) out of their added frustration from digging through boxes, bags and stacks every day for completion of an outfit for school. No matter how neat a person is, it's very difficult to organize for six people this way. Please give us your consideration. For safety purposes, do not print my identity or address.

Other than the number of children you have, I made your letter as generic as possible to protect your family. I'm sure you feel things can only get better from here on out, which they will.

Let's get you started with a check that will purchase some used dresser drawers. …

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