Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Patently Unusual Prolific Inventor Is Parent to Thousands of Products

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Patently Unusual Prolific Inventor Is Parent to Thousands of Products

Article excerpt

Yoshiro NakaMats bills himself as the Thomas Edison of Japan.

The president of Tokyo's Hi-Tech Innovation Institute claims to have 3,042 patents - compared with Edison's 1,093 - over an inventing career that has spanned 63 of his 68 years. But of course, since the number of patents listed in this story is a few days old, the information may be a bit outdated.

He says he has licensed 16 patents to IBM, including one for his 1952 invention of the ubiquitous floppy disk for personal computers. He has written more than 30 best-selling books and has lectured around the world, encouraging inventors to be persistent.

His road show passed through Silicon Valley earlier this month. As you might expect from the region that each year boasts of the most patents of any area in the nation, he was embraced warmly.

He received heaps of honors from local officials as the keynote speaker for the first annual Pacific Rim Institute lecture series at San Jose State University. He is so infatuated with the area he wants to hold his 10th annual "Genius Convention" in San Jose this year.

But his inventions don't stop at the logical and useful. Even his name does not follow the norm. He goes by "NakaMats" because he believes it is the proper way to spell "Nakamatsu" in English. Besides, it's easier to pronounce.

As one publication put it, "The problem with figuring out NakaMats is that he draws no line between the practical and the wacky."

Consider some of his more unusual inventions, many created while listening to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. During a talk at San Jose State, NakaMats pulled out a small perfume bottle and said the NakaMats "Love Jet" could enhance the intensity of lovemaking by 200 percent, with the special help of a hormone.

He claims to have invented brain food, which he sells as the "Dr. NakaMats Yummi Nutri Brain Biscuits." He also has produced "Enerex," an engine which produces energy from water.

He says he has invented a "NakaMaz Engine" that is far more efficient than gasoline or electric engines because it runs on "cosmic power." When pressed for details during an interview, NakaMats shows a foil with a big long formula on it that shows how the engine works.

"If it's a good invention, it is more difficult to understand," NakaMats said.

Since science and religion are often at odds, NakaMats created his own religion too, which he calls "Cosmic Philosophy." No kidding.

NakaMats said he started inventing because his grandfather was a scrupulous medical researcher who organized competitions among family members to see who could create the best new invention.

NakaMats says that at age 5, in 1933, he created a stabilizer to make planes fly better. He got his first patent in the eighth grade. At 14, he created a pump that enabled his mother to pump soy sauce from a big jar.

He was educated as an engineer at the University of Tokyo. …

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