Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Morning Briefing Eye Openers

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Morning Briefing Eye Openers

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Eye Drops:

NASA officials are now studying a more cost-efficient propellent system, whereby they would stand the shuttle booster rocket at home plate and have Cardinal pitchers throw it sliders.

Blues Update: Senior Tour arrives early; more rings than a Salvation Army bathtub; Wayner weary; Hullie hamstrung; Fuhrsie finished; Twister tweaked; Richie, Ronnie, Bass, gone.

Red Wings Update: More guns than Navarone; Russian MIGs superior maneuverability; Coff still cunning; Dino still diving; Scotty still skippering; Vernie may be vulnerable; Rogie, Gordie, Alex gone.

Back Pages:

As the Bogey Man often says, you don't have to be good at sports to be a good sport. And nothing better brings out the deep meaning behind that statement than the tale of JACK NORWORTH. On this day in 1908, Norworth copyrighted a song that has become the anthem for baseball fans everywhere and a piece of Americana - "Take Me Out To the Ballgame." With its peanuts, Cracker Jacks and root-root-rooting, the song taps into the essence of the game and its appeal to the spectating public. Yet, Jackie had never even seen a baseball game when he penned those lyrics. In fact, Norworth would not see an example of "the old ballgame" until 1940, or 32 years after he so beautifully captured it in song.

If you ever get stuck in an elevator with Milwaukee Brewers pitcher BEN McDONALD, pray you're wearing a gas mask. McDonald considers fish "good energy food," so much so that when he pitched for Louisiana State, he had a habit of eating sardines between starts. Suffice to say, the bullpen coach never had a problem finding old Ben.

Eventually, McDonald was forced to stop the practice in the minor leagues. "The smell was so outrageous, it was killing my roommate," he said. "Now I eat fish (only) in restaurants."

Please keep us informed as to which restaurants you'll be frequenting, Ben.

Instead of dropping gloves, 16 Central Hockey League tough guys are putting them on to raise money for former fighter TOMMY MORRISON's AIDS-education effort in Oklahoma City.

"The Hockey Brawl," which concludes today at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, features the most-penalized pugilists in the league. …

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