Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

What Mothers Want for Their Day

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

What Mothers Want for Their Day

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MOTHER'S DAY will be celebrated this week, and I decided to ask a number of women what they wanted from their children. The women I spoke to ranged in age from their early 30s to their 70s. Here's what they said:

* "I have three children, all grown. One of our sons lives out of town. What I want from him is a telephone call saying, "Happy Mother's Day." I know he'll do that; he always does. He also says, `I love you, Mom.' When he says this, I feel all glowy inside.

"I would like my other children to come over and have dinner with us. I love to cook and have family dinners. Whether this will happen I'm not sure. I've invited them, but they haven't gotten back to me."

* "My daughter is 27 and lives out of town. She's single. What I would love is an invitation for a weekend. I want some time with her. I would also like her to call me once in a while. As it is, I call her. I want some reassurance that she loves me. I want her to say the words, `I love you.'

"I have another daughter, age 33, who lives out of town. She is always saying, `Come visit me.' When I go to see her, she has the weekend all planned. We go shopping and golfing, and she invites her friends over to see me. It's wonderful.

"I know children are different, but sometimes I'd like my 27-year-old to make me feel special."

* "Our children are 12, 10 and 7. I think it would be nice if their father took them out to get me a card and a present and we had a little celebration at breakfast. I make a big deal of birthdays and Father's Day and Christmas. I would like my family to make a big deal over me. Is that selfish?"

* "I pretty much have what I want on Mother's Day. We have three young children, and I invite my mother-in-law and parents over for dinner. Everyone pitches in and we cook and talk and laugh. After dinner we exchange gifts. It's a great time, I guess my hope is that nothing changes. …

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