Making the Most of Media Coverage of Your Business

Article excerpt

Q. Last week you wrote about how to obtain free publicity from the broadcast media. My local newspaper just wrote an article about my business. How can I get more press coverage from this article? Should I send it to another editor?

A. Most likely other editors from the major media will not write a new article on the same story you pitched before unless you have new information or some time has gone by. You need a new "hook" to secure more publicity.

However, you could contact editors from trade or professional journals, special-interest periodicals or other newsletters or magazines published by organizations you belong to. Your news story helps you only once - unless you reprint it and use it in marketing materials. However, you must get explicit permission from each newspaper or magazine to reprint its article. Describe in detail to the organization how you will use the reprint when you are requesting permission and keep the written permission on file. Expect to include in your reprint copy a sentence that says the article has been reprinted with permission of the original author or medium. Since each organization has its own rules regarding reprints, allow yourself time to comply with these rules. …


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