Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Some Been-There, Done-That Advice for Grads

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Some Been-There, Done-That Advice for Grads

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IT'S GRADUATION time, Class of 1996. Time to put all those classroom lessons to good use in the real world.

The problem with the real world is that it doesn't look at all like a school assignment. That's why, once again, we offer a few lessons from o utside the classroom.

* Simply because somebody uses the title "Dr." or "Ph.D." doesn't mean you should blindly accept his/her pronouncements. We're a society that's intimidated by titles. If anything, we need to hold such individuals to higher scrutiny. Remember, Ted Kaczynski has a Ph.D.

* On a regular basis, force yourself to attend an event that shows you something different. If you never pick up a book, read the weekend events listing and go hear a visiting author. If you're a bookworm, check the newspaper outdoor listings and try trout fishing from a dock at a nearby lake. It's easy to fall into ruts in which you do the same things and talk to the same people. You never know - Papa Hemingway might be out there on that dock.

* Start early on a regimen to strengthen your arms with regular workouts using small weights. The information superhighway is here, but you'll be left stranded if by age 25 you come down with a major case of repetitive strain injury from incessantly pounding computer keyboards. Also, spending $200 on a computer table with an adjustable keyboard rest, and $200 on an ergonomic chair, is one of the best investments you can make in this modern age.

* Yes, it's smart to set up an investment account so that in 20 years that account will be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, it's irresponsible to run those credit cards to the max, get into debt - all because you wanted to spend a couple of months traveling overseas. Of course, when you're really old, those irresponsible memories will be your fondest.

* Want to save real money? Put your cellular phone in the trunk of the car and save yourself the $200 bills. To use the cellular phone, you have to pull over. Not only will that make you a safer driver, you then might decide it's smarter and cheaper to plunk 25 cents into a pay phone.

* There is only one Gary Larson and there was only one "Far Side. …

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