Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Pick Your Favorite (Most Dreaded) Pothole

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Pick Your Favorite (Most Dreaded) Pothole

Article excerpt

MY CAR WAS nearly swallowed by a pothole the other day.

Had I not avoided it, my car would have fallen into an abyss, perhaps never to have been seen again.

Aren't these supposed to be fixed by now?

Most of us are used to winter around here. We get our share of snow and ice, and the city, suburbs and counties dump enough salt on the streets and roads to flavor every kernel of popcorn in America. All that snow, ice and salt causes streets and highways to yawn with potholes and cars to rust in fast motion.

We're accustomed to it. This is a town that likes to drive, and the government types know we'll accept the potholes for a while as long as we're not forced to stay in our homes. We've accepted MetroLink here, but we still gotta drive.

Yet someone apparently hasn't told the government that we aren't thrilled about the potholes at this time of year. After all, isn't the winter season long gone?

There are all sorts of potholes out there.

There are the kind that make you feel as if your car is driving down the countless steps that lead to the riverfront from the Gateway Arch. These you can't avoid, and they force you to lose your coffee (or your lunch).

Then there are the kind that put you on an obstacle course gone mad, where you find yourself forced to cut sharply to the left, then the right, then left again, zig-zagging all the way. I'm convinced that professional race car drivers come here to use those as tpractice for big races.

And we can't forget the potholes that look as if they could swallow Cleveland on a good day. These are the gaping holes that look like small lakes when it rains.

Isn't it about time we got some of these potholes fixed?

Crews are out there working on some of these caverns. But considering how many potholes I've been dodging these days, I've got the feeling that some government agencies don't realize that some of these bad boys exist.

So I've got an idea: a "Worst Pothole Contest."

Here's how we'll do it:

Let me know what you think is the worst pothole in the area. Let me know why it's so bad. If you've got a photo of it, send that along, too.

I'll run a column featuring the worst potholes - and send an appropriate letter to the agency in charge of repairing them. …

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