Monday's Child

Article excerpt

Every Monday, the Post-Dispatch is featuring children who need adoptive homes. Monzarllo is the featured child this week.

Whenever 7-year-old Monzarllo meets with his social worker, he asks, "Have you found a mommy and daddy for me yet?"

Monzarllo has lived in 10 different foster homes in the last five years. His teen-age mother was herself a foster child when she gave birth to him. Her parental rights were terminated two years ago.

Monzarllo is very attached to his current foster mother, who's cared for him for a year. She works as a security guard, which has inspired him to try to become a police officer when he grows up. Monzarllo is an exceptionally handsome and intelligent child with a winning personality. "He can charm the socks off anyone," his social worker says. He is meticulously neat with his clothes, bedroom and personal appearance, and wants desperately for everyone he meets to like him.

Because of his multiple placements, Monzarllo has attachment and behavior problems. His attention span is short, and he sometimes has temper tantrums. …


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