Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Recipe for Spinach Tempts Children

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Recipe for Spinach Tempts Children

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PATTY WORKMAN is walking proof that if you can read, you can cook - and make furniture.

True, she got a little help in the latter department by taking some woodworking classes at one of the high schools near her home in Chesterfield.

But after that initial introduction to the craft, the self-proclaimed fan of power tools had only to follow a pattern to make the pie safe, desk and end tables that grace her home.

It's also true that when she first started to cook, she learned a lot from her mother-in-law, who comes from a long line of Italian cooks. In fact, one of Workman's favorite recipe sources is a family cookbook put together by one of her husband's aunts.

But over the years, as her husband's job with McDonnell Douglas Corp. took the family from Illinois to Texas to California and back again, Workman expanded her culinary repertoire by learning the local cuisine, be it Tex-Mex or California light. And although she hasn't traveled around the world, she has cooked her way through several global cuisines.

Also, in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, she tried her hand at vegetarianism. But she gave it up when her children were born - at least until her oldest daughter, Rhea, now 19, became a vegetarian. Marcie, Workman's 16-year-old, shortly followed suit.

Both of her daughters claim concern for animals as their reason for giving up meat, Workman said, but she likes to think that her own pitch for the health benefits of vegetables had something to do with their culinary lifestyle. "I told them that if they didn't eat vegetables, they'd grow up to be ugly and stupid," she said.

It would appear that her daughters believed her. But, she added with a sigh, sons Adam, 14, and Michael, 11, did not.

Still, Workman said, except for Michael's refusal to eat tomatoes or green beans, her offspring will eat just about anything she cooks, tofu included. And if her husband, Jim, is grilling salmon or something else their daughters won't eat, Workman usually has beans or soup or some other vegetarian something in the fridge. …

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