Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Gray Hair Is to `Dye' For

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Gray Hair Is to `Dye' For

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I RECALL THE day I noticed my first gray hair. I was with friends during happy hour in a cocktail lounge in Washington. The dreaded discovery came in the women's room.

I glanced in the mirror, and there it was, sprouting from the top of my head like a dandelion in an otherwise perfectly green lawn.

We women make frustrating, even maddening, discoveries in public restrooms every day: a tear in our stockings, a stain on our favorite silk blouse. But first gray hairs aren't supposed to be unearthed in public restrooms.

That's supposed to be a private moment between a woman and her mirror. Just as the decision about whether - and how - to dye away the gray is a private one. But more about that later.

At 29, I thought I was much too young to have a gray hair. I returned to my table, stunned. When I announced the discovery to my friends - both women more than 15 years my senior - they rolled their eyes unsympathetically and exchanged sage glances.

Twelve years and dozens of gray hairs later, I now know what my friends knew then: The grays keep coming.

But they didn't start to irritate me until about three years ago - when I realized the little suckers plan to take over.

Well, I'm not having it! I believe the Creator made hair color for good reason. And that's why I get my stylist to put golden brown streaks in my hair periodically.

"Be sure to cover all the gray," I tell her.

She laughs. "I don't think that's possible," she says with all the diplomacy of Roseanne.

But streaks, however fashionable, are becoming inadequate. I plan to talk to my stylist soon about full color aimed specifically at masking the gray - something a colleague tried to do herself recently with no luck.

She bought an at-home color treatment. But she was afraid to go all the way.

"I used half as much for half as long because I was so scared," she says. "My hair looks exactly like it did before."

For her sake - and my sake and the sake of all women thinking about coloring their hair - I sought advice from Annis Carmichael, owner of The Salon Boutique in Charlotte, N. …

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