Democrats, with One Exception, Lead in Fund Raising Gop's Kenny Takes in More Than Incumbent Wilson

Article excerpt

All but one statewide Democratic incumbent outpaced Republican challengers in recent fund raising in Missouri. Republican challenger Bill Kenney reveled in his slight edge in fund raising against Lt. Gov. Roger Wilson.

Kenney, a freshman state senator from Lee's Summit, Mo., reported raising $138,858 in a recent 20-day period, almost $12,000 more than incumbent Democrat Wilson, who took in $127,219.

Analysts have said Kenney is picking up support from Republicans who are increasingly pessimistic about gubernatorial candidate Margaret Kelly's chances of unseating Democratic Gov. Mel Carnahan. The reports, filed Thursday, showed Carnahan with a more than 2-1 fund-raising lead over Kelly. "It shows I'm working hard. Most people do think I have a winnable race. People look at me as a fresh new face," Kenney said. The report showed Kenney spent just $7,000. He said new television ads have since gone on the air in St. Louis and Springfield, and his radio ad campaign is covering about two-thirds of Missouri. Kenney had about $532,407 on hand, almost $6,000 more in the bank than Wilson, who reported a balance of $526,588. Carnahan maintained his money lead over Kelly, raising an average of slightly more than $16,000 a day in the period from Sept. 1 to Sept. 21. Kelly, the state auditor, averaged about $6,328 in daily fund raising during the period covered by the reports, which disclose campaign finances 40 days before the general election. The reports had to be postmarked by Thursday night. Carnahan reported just over $1.2 million on hand after spending nearly $819,000 during the 20-day period, about $730,000 of which is for television and radio advertising that has not yet aired. Kelly reported less than half of Carnahan's cash balance - $459,800 - after spending $30,744 in the 20-day period. She is filming television ads, but they are not on the air yet. Kelly's campaign consultant has said she must raise $1 million to mount a successful advertising campaign to unseat Carnahan, who is also leading the Republican in independent polls. …


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