Perot's Financial Report Shows Investments in Foreign Bonds Critics Quickly Allege Hypocrisy; Campaign Disputes Those Charges

Article excerpt

Ross Perot, who condemns the loss of American jobs to overseas companies, keeps his billions working for him in a mix of stocks, real estate and at least $450 million in foreign government bonds.

Critics of the newly minted presidential candidate call his portfolio picks hypocritical, but a spokeswoman said Wednesday that Perot had always favored certain types of global commerce.

His investments are consistent with his statements that he doesn't oppose all foreign trade, only "stupid trade deals where we would be exporting jobs to foreign countries," said spokeswoman Sharon Holman. "He's a businessman. He's certainly in favor of foreign trade."

As the presidential candidate for the Reform Party he founded, Perot is required to report his investments to the Federal Election Commission.

Forbes magazine has estimated Perot's wealth at $2.6 billion. The financial disclosure report filed Tuesday doesn't say how much Perot is worth but offers a glimpse of a portfolio worthy of a multibillionaire.

Perot listed 595 separate holdings and checking accounts with more than $1 million in ready cash. The list included securities that were his alone and private investment funds in which he is a major player. …


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