Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Here's the Story, Again Check Your Brady-Iosity with Get Out's `Very Brady' Quiz

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

Here's the Story, Again Check Your Brady-Iosity with Get Out's `Very Brady' Quiz

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So, you say you want to be a Brady? If you've always pictured yourself as the fourth Brady brother or sister, take this quick check-up quiz to test your Brady-osity. Answer each of the nine (purely hypothetical, mind you) questions below, total your score and see where you fit in with the lovely lady, the man named Brady and their brood, all of whom have a new movie, "A Very Brady Sequel," which opens Friday.

1. As a nationally-prominent architect, when the time comes to design a home for your new bride and blended family, which best describes your thoughts?

a) "Form follows function."

b) "Ranch style, open floor plan."

c) "Hmmm...six kids? Well, one bathroom should be enough. Let's see: sink, tub, mirrors...yep, that's everything."

2. A well-balanced meal consists of:

a) Something from each of the four basic food groups.

b) Items low in saturated fats and calories.

c) Pork chops and applesauce.

3. When visiting the Grand Canyon on a family vacation, be careful to avoid:

a) Loose rocks near the canyon edge that might cause a nasty fall.

b) Hotel packages that seem too good to be true.

c) Shifty, anachronistic gold prospectors who bear a remarkable resemblance to Thurston Howell III.

4. After joining the prom planning committee, you want to make a good impression and be popular with your classmates. Do you:

a) Suggest a clever, appropriate theme idea.

b) Figure out a way to save almost 50 percent on decorations.

c) Claim to be a close, personal friend of singer Davy Jones, then develop a wacky scheme to get him to entertain at the dance.

5. Days before your graduation from high school, the most important day of your groovy adolescent life, is the best time to:

a) Make your choice among the colleges that have accepted you.

b) Get a new perm.

c) Try a new hair tonic that your bratty kid brother is selling from a fly-by-night fund-raising company.

6. If you can't afford to purchase a gift for your parents' wedding anniversary, it's good to remember that:

a) It's the thought that counts.

b) A gift handmade by children is cherished throughout the years.

c) Funky TV talent shows offer cash prizes for kids with singing voices only slightly affected by puberty. …

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