Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

He's on Vitamin E Therapy - and off the Tee!

Newspaper article St Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)

He's on Vitamin E Therapy - and off the Tee!

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Dear Dr. Donohue: Regarding your item on Peyronie's disease. I had the problem in 1955. The pain on erection was great. Somehow scar tissue had formed there.

My doctor said his medical book offered vitamin E as a treatment. He got a special deal at the pharmacy for the vitamin pills, which I took three times a day. By the time I ran out of the vitamins, the problem had all but vanished. I am now 76, and my golf game is in the 80s. I can hit the ball more than 250 yards. My sex life is OK, too.

A glowing testimonial to the effectiveness of vitamin E for Peyronie's disease, in which scar tissue of unclear origin forms on the penis, creating difficulty during erection.

I am glad the vitamin therapy worked for you, and that you have not been bothered since. I must in candor say that others have written to tell me the vitamin did not improve things for them.

Now, Peyronie's disease shares a peculiar feature with many other ailments: It is often self-limiting, which is to say it might go away on its own.

I am not discrediting claims for vitamin E. In fact, Peyronie's disease, if it is to subside on its own, can take two or more years to do that.

Surgery to remove the scar tissue is a rare option.

Did you say 250 yards?!

For more on Peyronie's disease, see the Health Letter report that addresses the subject. Readers can order the report by writing: Dr. Donohue - SR125, Box 5539, Riverton, NJ 08077-5539. Enclose $3 and a self-addressed, stamped (55 cents) No. 10 envelope.

Dear Dr. Donohue: Fifteen years ago, my daughter, now 33, was struck by a car on her left knee. Now, she seems to have lost muscle strength and is losing weight. She has had doctors look at her from time to time. One mentioned mitochondria. You recently discussed reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a problem that seems to follow an injury. If this is the problem, what can be done? It seems her muscle is just wasting away. …

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