Few More Words on the World's Religions

Article excerpt

Dear Ann Landers: Your column on major religions was interesting, but as a Christian, I'm troubled by the implication that Roman Catholicism was founded by Jesus Christ, while all other Christian denominations were founded by ordinary men.

Jesus Christ founded Christianity, not Catholicism. As a Lutheran, I respect Martin Luther's courage in exposing the corruption that had infected the church of his day. However, I do not follow Luther. I follow Christ - just like Catholics and Protestants of all denominations.

CHRISTIAN FIRST IN MINNESOTA You are absolutely right. Many readers wrote to set me straight, and I wish to thank them all. Here's more: From Sun City, Ariz.: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism are religions. Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican and all the others you mentioned are denominations of the Christian religion. Jesus himself founded no specific church. He established a faith. Sarasota, Fla.: Anglicanism was not founded by Henry VIII. The Church of England simply broke with the Church of Rome, and it had more to do with the circumstances of the time than Henry VIII's desire for an annulment. Aurora, Neb.: You left out the oldest and perhaps purist of all religions - Wicca. The religion was dedicated to the use of the healing arts. Wicca is the religion of witches, who were considered good people who helped others. Greensboro, N.C.: I do not consider Hinduism a religion. It is a term applied to those living on the other side of the Sind River, relative to the Muslims. A better term to use would be Vedantism. Minneapolis: All God's messengers, including Mohammed, Jesus, Moses and Abraham, preached Islam, which means total submission and devotion to God. What distinguishes Mohammed's mission is the revelation of the holy Koran. …


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