Four Aldermen, Judge on Ballot Offered in April 3 Propositions Also Scheduled for Spring Election

Article excerpt

Voters in St. Peters will elect four aldermen and a municipal judge in the April 1 election, and three propositions dealing with money also appear on the ballot.

Incumbent Donald L. Kohl is the only candidate on the ballot for municipal judge. In Ward 1, incumbent Betty Woelfel opposes Dan O'Brien for an aldermanic seat. In Ward 2, incumbent Judy Bateman faces Barbara Mair. Len Pagano, Ward 3, and Lew McLain, Ward 4, are running unopposed.

The aldermen also approved putting three propositions on the ballot. Proposition 1 deals with increasing the building permit fee on a sliding scale so the city can recover part of its costs in working with developers. Proposition 2 would authorize the city to charge a fee not to exceed $50 for property maintenance inspection as part of a neighborhood conservation program. The inspection would take place only when occupancy changes, and it would affect both rental property and the sale of property. Proposition 3 would allow St. Peters to impose a local use tax at the same rate as the local sales tax - currently 1.5 percent - for out-of-state purchases in excess of $2,000 in a calendar year. In the first and third propositions the increase in the building permit fees would be paid by developers, and the local use tax is aimed at corporations. Proposition 2 drew objections from Aldermen Jerry Hollingsworth and Bateman, both from Ward 2. Hollingsworth cited a report prepared by city staff saying an ordinance calling for home and rental property inspections could cost $500,000 per year - even with the $50 fee proposed for homes and $25 to $30 for apartments. When Don Aytes, Ward 4, said he thought voters would reject the $50 fee and suggested that it be reduced to $30, Hollingsworth was further agitated. …


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