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Governors Set To Address Legislatures

Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan will deliver his State of the State Address at 10:30 a.m. today to a joint session of the Legislature convened in the House chamber in Jefferson City. Carnahan will use the speech to outline his recommendations for the Legi slature to consider between now and its adjournment on May 16. In Illinois, Gov. Jim Edgar's State of the State Address is scheduled for noon today. He will speak in the House chamber in Springfield. AUTOMOBILE EMISSIONS Area Could Get Tougher Test In 1998 Department of Natural Resources Director David Shorr says a tougher automobile emission inspection program may begin in the St. Louis area by the fall of 1998. The program, approved by the Legislature in 1994, is needed to bring the area into compliance with federal clean air standards. Shorr testified Tuesday before a Senate committee and asked that legislation be approved that allows the use of reformulated gasoline to help clean up the air. Reformulated gasoline is a cleaner but more expensive fuel than what's now in use. State law now prohibits the use of the gasoline as a way of cleaning up the air. Don Morrison, a lobbyist for the oil companies that make reformulated gasoline, said it would cost motorists about three cents more per gallon. Morrison and Shorr testified in favor of a bill (SB 72) that modified the proposed emissions inspection program. Post-Dispatch Jefferson City Bureau TRUCK LAW Limit On Riding In Back Gets Support A southwest Missouri police officer testified Tuesday that if the state prohibited young people from riding in the back of pickups, two teen-agers killed in an accident in his area would be alive today. Sgt. Blaine Kennard of the Willard Police Department said he was called to the scene of an overturned truck last year. A 17-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl were thrown from the bed of the pickup and killed. People riding inside the cab were treated for minor injuries and released, Kennard said. Kennard testified in favor of two bills (SB 42 and SB 72) that would prohibit people under the age of 18 from riding in the bed of a pickup. …


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