Beatles Fan Won't Say `Hello-Goodbye' until There's One More Grammy

Article excerpt

The first thing Casey Piotrowski wants to make clear is that he's not some crackpot who has nothing better to do. It just happens that he likes the Beatles a lot.

And that is why this sometime actor, voice-over artist and former disc jockey has put his life on hold for most of the past year to single-mindedly pursue one goal: getting the Beatles a Grammy for their new song, "Real Love." Not just any Grammy, either, but the one for record of the year.

"I'm not some nut with a bunch of Beatles memorabilia," he says, sounding only slightly defensive. "I don't have a Beatles lunch box, or wear a Beatles wig, or psychedelic clothing, or anything like that. It's just always been the music with me. It's always been great." What's more, Piotrowski believes, the Beatles never got their due from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which hands out the Grammys in February. They did win two Grammys in 1964, one for best new artist and another for best performance by a vocal group on "A Hard Day's Night." And two more in 1967, best contemporary album and album of the year for "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." But that's small change for a group of musicians whose collective work, Piotrowski is certain, will eventually be measured alongside Beethoven's. "Because of the way they broke up in 1970, and because probably nobody thought it was going to be forever back then," he says, "the music industry didn't have the opportunity to salute them the way it should have." After John Lennon died in 1980 and the years turned to decades with no new Beatles music, Piotrowski, 46, came to accept that was the way it probably would always be. Then came word of the Beatles "Anthology" late last year and the scaled-down version of 1990s Beatlemania it touched off. But best of all for Piotrowski, the new Beatles CDs and videos came with a "new" Beatles hit record as well. Completed by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr from a Lennon demo tape, "Real Love" became the group's 24th gold single last summer. What's more, it gave the music industry one last chance, Piotrowski calculated, to bestow on the Beatles a record-of-the-year Grammy. …


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