`Ellen's' Lesbianism Is Tv's Latest Assault on Decency

Article excerpt

It should come as no surprise that ABC is providing the door through which Ellen DeGeneres can announce her lesbianism as a sitcom character and, it turns out, in her real life. For years the networks have used laugh tracks to hide their inability to create material that might produce laughter from real people. Now, ABC promotes lesbianism, a kind of sexual laugh track that counterfeits authentic womanhood.

But not since "The Day After" (also on ABC) more than a decade ago has a network sought to impose a political view in such a heavy-handed manner. Just as "The Day After" was the final shot by the unilateral disarmament crowd in their efforts to get the United States to lay down its nuclear weapons, s the announcement of "Ellen's" lesbianism is a full-frontal assault by deviants on what remains of decency.

All over America, The New York Times tells us, lesbians will be partying Wednesday night during "Ellen's" broadcast. Some hip television critics are praising the network for its daring and courage. Real courage would portray Ellen, or one like her, as a heterosexual, married, stay-at-home mom, who goes to church with her husband and children, votes Republican, loves Ronald Reagan, listens to Rush Limbaugh and honors her country. Because virtually none of the broadcast executives c see any of these ideas, behaviors or lifestyles as normal, how is it courageous to present a show containing ideas and behavior reflecting management's worldview? Conservatives have again taken the bait, threatening boycotts and nationwide pushing of the "off" button. They are being used to help promote the show. Instead of making statements to the press, they should focus on boosting those few shows that actually reflect their values - shows like "Touched By An Angel" and "Promised Land," both on CBS. "Promised Land" features an ex-Marine and his wife, children and his mother. …


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