The Legacy of Jackie Robinson: Quotes

Article excerpt

"Jackie stood tall, and he gave all of us, every black player, an opportunity to do our thing. . . . I need to pay as much homage to this man as I can."

Henry Aaron, baseball's career home-run leader.

"Jackie, No. 1, means perseverance to me, for the things he had to go through. He means dignity. He was a man who commanded great respect, not only for the way he carried himself but also for the way he expressed himself." Al Downing, former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher who was the first black pitcher for the New York Yankees. "Jackie was the type of guy who when you would teach him something, he would beat you doing it." Sammie Haynes, teammate of Jackie Robinson in 1945 with the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro Leagues. "All these guys making millions of dollars in the major leagues, Jackie started it. Then Curt Flood kept it going." Connie Johnson, who was a pitcher in the Kansas City Monarchs' rotation, along with Satchel Paige in the 1940s, then played for the Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles. "It took 50 years to recognize Jackie Robinson to the extent that we are recognizing him now. …


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